ZENIO Desktop

with Videoanalyser

This is the download page for ZENIO Desktop with Videoanalyser (beta). It enables you to analyse a putt with your Zenio and simultanously record a high-speed video of the same putting stroke.

Install ZENIO Desktop

Camera driver (64-bit)

Camera driver (32-bit)

Software installation is automagic on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Other browsers will download a setup.exe that you have to execute to install the software. Driver installation (camera) requires you to unzip the driver (choose 64-bit or 32-bit) and execute the included installer.

New Videoanalyser function

Compared to the standard version of ZENIO Desktop this beta has a new toolbar button "Videoanalyser". This will open the Videoanalyser window (see below) and enables you to record high-speed video (new license key required, see "Software installation" about how to change your license key).


When a valid license key is found the software will automatically try to open the camera and display its picture.

Recordings can either be obtained by pressing the manual capture button, by using your ZENIO to detect a putt or by using the new motion detection feature. Just draw a region of interest and when the system is armed it will stop the recording when enough motion (threshold) is detected.

Live Preview

Live preview offers a way to check if motion detection is setup correctly without triggering a new capture.


An autosync function makes sure the impact as seen in the video is as close as possible to the impact as recorded by your ZENIO. However, it can be off by a few frames and if that's the case you can manually choose a frame and press the sync button. The chosen frame will be used as the new anchorpoint syncing camera and ZENIO data at the impact event.

The drawing tools can be used to mark features in the video and you can click on the colored bars in the video timeline to jump to several key points/events of the putt.

When you are done you can save your video - including annotations & ZENIO data - and review/open them at a later time. Start capturing a new video (or enter live preview mode when motion detection is enabled) by pressing the record button

Step 1 - download the installer

Please click on the blue button above. Depending on the browser you are using it will either start the installation right away (Step 2) or download a file named setup.exe. In that case, please execute setup.exe to start the installation (Step 1b).

Step 1b - execute installer (setup.exe)

Windows will prompt you with a warning. If you are sure the file you opened has been downloaded from this website click on "Run"

Installer gets verified

Step 2 - installation

Confirm to install ZENIO Desktop.

Downloading application files.


ZENIO Desktop will now be started for the first time. You can add demo sessions and try out the different features. If you have a license, please enter it now.

Enter your license key and Email address and click"Register"

To change your license, go to Help -> About and click on Change Your License

Step 1 - find the version of your Windows OS

Open the Control Panel and go to System and Security -> System. You should see something similar to the screenshot above. The marked line tells you if your OS version is either 64-bit or 32-bit

Step 2 - download the driver

Please go to the IDS Imaging website and download the respective driver package for your OS version (64-bit or 32-bit) or use the direct download links above (camera driver buttons).

Step 3 - start the installation

Open the downloaded zip-file and execute the included installer.

A confirmation box might appear. Click on "Yes" to continue.

Step 4 - follow the guided installation

You can ignore this message, since ZENIO uses an USB camera.

Windows will prompt you to allow the installation of the driver. Click on "Install" to continue.



There can be performance issues with Core i5 CPUs. The IDS Camera Manager has options to resolve them (find it in your Start menu).


You can plugin the camera now and Windows should automatically find the driver for it.